Biomaster Roto

Power: 16/32 kW

The most advanced Moderator product.

Two-module construction - low boiler and independent reservoir - allows many settings. The mechanical cleaning system of the exchanger and the automatic cleaning system of the burner, limits the service to the necessary minimum. The perfect device for small boiler rooms. The modern solutions of Plum ecoMAX 350 P and ecoMAX 850 P / ecoMAX 850 P TOUCH are responsible for controlling and controlling the combustion process, which are selected individually depending on the needs. It can also be equipped with an online control module. All this makes it a device for those who value independence and security of their home.

He has a 5 CLASS and ECODESIGN certificate, which places him in the group of boilers that meet the highest and the strictest ecological requirements of the Polish and global heating devices market.

ECO Design - 5 KLASA


  • tubular construction
  • simple regulator
  • certified steel 6mm
  • self-cleaning burner
  • efficiency 93 %

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6 years for tightness of heat exchanger, 2 years for other elements

Kipi pellet burner

Innovative design based on the rotary combustion chamber

During operation, the combustion chamber is in a rotating motion, cleansing itself of ash and slag. Thanks to this solution, it works effectively, guaranteeing power stability and does not clog. It does not require cleaning. It copes well with fuels of all quality.

Kipi pellet burner
Kipi pellet burner

Functions of regulator

Controller (regulator) features:

  • controlling the operation of the direct central heating circuit, the hot water circuit, and the operation of five mixer heating circuits
  • the temperature of the heating circuits can be set based on the data from the weather sensor
  • it can cooperate with a separate room thermostat for each heating circuit, which greatly increases the comfort of the heated rooms
  • the device turns on the reserve heater (gas or oil) when it needs to




ecoNET 300 is an Internet module acting as a service system – online handling and management

  • remote control over the boiler parameters via the Internet by the Website and mobile application ecoNET App iOS ans APK Android
  • intuitive software controlling the ecoNET module
  • registry of parameters crucial for regulator operation

EcoSTER 200

EcoSTER 200


ecoSTER 200 is a remote control panel with room thermostat.

  • controlling the temperature in an easy and effective way (in 3 independent rooms)
  • setting up a temperature schedule (day and night)
  • regulating and previewing basic boiler functions
  • selecting different working modes
  • sending alarm signals
  • displaying fuel level