Container Boiler

Power: 120 kW

A container boiler room is a dedicated solution for objects
deprived of the possibility of installing a heat production system within
cubature of the object. Very often used as an assurance
thermal continuity in periodic breaks in its delivery,
resulting from the renovation or modernization of the heating network.

Burned with solid fuel in the form of non-woody biomass.

Most often used for heat production for:

  • production halls and industrial facilities
  • hotels and holiday centers
  • commercial and service complexes,
  • residential and public buildings (schools)


  • container
  • Automatic Biomass Burning Set with spring feeder
  • fuel storage with roof raised by hydraulic cylinders,
  • control cabinet
  • electrical installation for boiler room operation, external lighting and inside the storage
  • remote monitoring and management system (option)
  • fuel storage loading system (option)
  • chimney system (option)

Files to download


2 years

Control cabinets

SMOK Sets are equipped with modern control cabinets

These are modern devices designed to control the work of sophisticated constructions of biomass sets equipped with screw feeders.

Their functionality is individually selected according to the needs and technical conditions in which the devices are to be operated. Each of the control cabinets has the option of connecting the Internet Module, which also allows remote control of combustion processes and heat distribution

Szafy sterujące
Szafy sterujące

Control & Service Online

Advanced communication module. Access via Internet

It is an advanced communication module, facilitates remote control of operation of the boiler, via PC computer, smartphone and tablet with Internet access. The user is given the possibility to control all the parameters:

  • temperature adjustments
  • pumps and mixers operation
  • monitoring of current regulator operation states

Clear visualization of the boiler operation history, presented in a form of charts is another crucial benefit for a user.

  • remote control over the boiler parameters via the Internet and mobile application for iOS and Android system
  • intuitive software controlling the ecoNET module
  • registry of parameters crucial for regulator operation


Remote control panel with room thermostat function
  • Central management of heating installation
  • Room thermostat
  • Full scale of product customization
  • Intuitive – clear and easy-to-use touchscreen panel.
  • Unique design
  • Individual temperature time schedules
  • Alarms and fuel level information
  • Software update with the usage of a microSD memory card
  • Choice between different work modes