Automatic Biomass Burning Sets With Cast-iron Burners

Power: 30/60/120/180/240 kW

Automatic Biomass Burning Set for renewable fuels with moisture up to 25%

Automatic Biomass Burning Set - SMOK with a cast iron burner is a device consisting of an exchanger, cast-iron burner with ceramic inlets, a feeding system, a fuel container or a spring feeder. 

In this model there is standard heat exchanger with plates. This, in combination with the simplicity of the design solutions of the head,
creates a device that requires more commitment to service, but at the same time is an economically beneficial solution.

Control of the combustion process is controlled by the latest control systems.

A large range of fuel tanks or the use of a spring feeder allows the device to fit properly to any building conditions

It is most often assembled in production plants where fuel is created as a by-product, but also used for heating halls with large areas, offices, schools, hotels, sacral buildings and large single-family houses.


  • automatic system of moving grates in burner
  • multi-point system of air distribution
  • lighter (fully automatic start & stop)


2 years

Cast-iron burners

Equipped with moving grates and multipoint air distribution

Designed for burning non-wood biomass (eg: peat, pellet, briquette with bulk density up to 450 kg / m3) with relative humidity up to 25%.

Głowice żeliwne
Głowice żeliwne

Spring Feeder

Spring feeder is the fuel feeding system designed for cooperation with Moderator biomass sets or as a supplement to other boilers

It allows to adapt existing room for fuel storage. Adjusting the angle of the feeder and rotation of the head relative to the feeder in the
horizontal plane, allow the device to be adapted to the boiler rooms of various sizes and different layout of the rooms. These possibilities
make biomass set a practical device

Nagarniacz sprężynowy
Nagarniacz sprężynowy

Fuel containers

Designed for biomass storage
Available in sizes: 0,6m3, 1m3, 2m3, 4m3, 6m3, 8m3, 10m3 and 27m3.

Equipped with stirring and fuelling mechanisms. Dedicated to the SMOK line, but also cooperating with other heating devices

Control cabinets

SMOK Sets are equipped with modern control cabinets

These are modern devices designed to control the work of constructionally developed biomass sets equipped with screw feeders

Their functionality is individually selected according to the needs and technical conditions in which the devices are to be operated. Each of the control cabinets has the option of connecting the Internet Module, which also allows remote control of combustion processes and heat distribution

Control & Service Online

Advanced communication module. Access via Internet

It is an advanced communication module, facilitates remote control of operation of the boiler, via PC computer, smartphone and tablet with Internet access. The user is given the possibility to control all the parameters:

  • temperature adjustments
  • pumps and mixers operation
  • monitoring of current regulator operation states

Clear visualization of the boiler operation history, presented in a form of charts is another crucial benefit for a user.

  • remote control over the boiler parameters via the Internet and mobile application for iOS and Android system
  • intuitive software controlling the ecoNET module
  • registry of parameters crucial for regulator operation


Standard SMOK sets with cast iron heads are individually configured for the Client's requirements and needs

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