Agro Max

Power: 80/100/120/160/200/250/300/500 kW

The boiler is intended for large houses or small industrial facilities. Traditionally, as with the whole line of UNICA boilers, it quickly achieves full operational readiness, which makes it very economical. The tradition of simplicity of solutions is realized in it through a very large loading chamber, equipped with a divided insulated door, which thanks to such a treatment does not destroy even at very high temperatures. It has the possibility of connecting an exhaust fan, an exhaust sensor and a weather sensor.


  • Attested steel 6 mm
  • Modern multifunctional controller with Fuzzi Logic
  • Large loading chamber
  • Wide opening


ecoMAX 200 W

  • selectable operation modes: traditional, PID (smooth fan speed control) or PIDS with an exhaust gas sensor (smooth fan speed control with regard to exhaust gas temperature)
  • automatic maintenance of  the set temperature of the central heating boiler by modulating the airflow strength
  • operation of the direct central heating circuit and preparation of domestic hot water
  • compatible with ecoSTER for convenient use
  • the exhaust gas sensor increases the accuracy of the selected combustion parameters