Pellet Burners

Power: 15/30/40/60/120 kW

The Moderator burner was created as a response to the challenges we faced when creating the most innovative solutions in heating technology. It is the result of many years of experience and experiments of our engineers aiming at constructing and producing a reliable maintenance-free burner that burns pellets of various quality.

In this way, a device was created, which is intended for installation in boilers burning solid fuels or oil and enabling conversion into fully automatic, ecological, modern and economical pellet boilers. The Moderator burner uses a unique dual furnace cleaning system. The automatic moving upper grate ensures effective self-cleaning, and mobile bottom plate ensures full ash removal from the burner. Thanks to this solution, the level of operating the burner is limited to fuelling in the pellet container and furnace control once a week.

It is equipped with a ceramic igniter and an advanced multi-functional controller, allowing for a wide range of power modulation and the ability to control all available circuits on the installation.

It can be controlled via Internet using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Moderator burner allows you to generate real financial savings thanks to the possibility of safe burning of cheaper types of wood pellets and ensures full service comfort and time saving.

Moderator pellet burner is sold as a stand-alone device or as a full assembly set: pellet burner, feeder with a working length of 1.5 m / 2 m, burner inlet pipe, spiro pipe for connection of a feeder with a burner, controller with cables, boiler temperature sensor and thermal protection STB .


  • Dual system of cleaning burning chamber and under-grate area
  • Ceramic igniter 
  • Feeding system
  • Multifunctional Controller ecomax850P
  • INTERNET module (option)
  • Room thermostat (option)


  • Burning of pellet various quality
  • Maintenance free - automatic ignition, cleaning, putting out


For boilers and pellet furnaces control, with touch screen, supplied
in complete casing, with new electronics with extended number of 

  • weather-sensitive control
  • touch panel
  • fuel level indicator
  • Individual Fuzzy Logic
  • possibility to work with room remote control devices: ecoSTER, ecoSTER TOUCH

Control & Service Online

Advanced communication module. Access via Internet

It is an advanced communication module, facilitates remote control of operation of the boiler, via PC computer, smartphone and tablet with Internet access. The user is given the possibility to control all the parameters:

  • temperature adjustments
  • pumps and mixers operation
  • monitoring of current regulator operation states

Clear visualization of the boiler operation history, presented in a form of charts is another crucial benefit for a user.

  • remote control over the boiler parameters via the Internet and mobile application for iOS and Android system
  • intuitive software controlling the ecoNET module
  • registry of parameters crucial for regulator operation


Multifunctional & weather-sensitive

For boilers and pellet furnaces control, with touch screen.

  • weather-sensitive control
  • touch panel
  • Fuel level indicator
  • Individual Fuzzy Logic
  • possibility to work with remote control modules: ecoSTER, ecoSTER TOUCH

EcoSTER 200

Room remote control

ecoSTER 200 is a remote control panel with room thermostat.

  • controlling the temperature in an easy and effective way (in 3 independent rooms)
  • setting up a temperature schedule (day and night)
  • regulating and previewing basic boiler functions
  • selecting different working modes
  • sending alarm signals
  • displaying fuel level


The best optimisation

Modern electronic device, designed to perform measurement of oxygen content in the exhaust fumes:

  • precise measurement of oxygen content in exhaust fumes
  • combustion process optimisation
  • decrease of carbon oxide emission

Моdule B-MX

Heat exchanger control module - boiler (upper and lower temperature sensor) and additional two mixing circuits

Module C 03

The power module allows you to connect two additional mixing circuits


flue gas temperature sensor CT2-S, standard temperature sensor CT4, weather sensor СТ4Р, optical sensor OCP2