Vento Multi

Power: 15/20/25/35/50 kW

Vento Multi is a modern technology that meets the economics of heating and ecology, created for large homes.

It is also ideal for industrial facilities and public facilities with relatively small areas.

It is a combination of automation and usability, giving independence. In a maintenance-free system, it burns biomass (saw-dust, wood chips, pellets, briquettes) but also has the option of switching to solid fuel combustion (coal, wood).

An ideal solution for those who do not have a sustainable source of fuel, but in parallel, they care about the low-emission, compatible
with the guidelines of standard EN 303-5.


Manual feeder

non-wood biomass
non-wood biomass

Automatic feeder

agro biomass
agro biomass
non-wood biomass
non-wood biomass


  • Emergency steel grate
  • Thermomanometer
  • Controller
  • Cleaning kit
  • Automatic ash removal system (option)


  • Atested steel 6 mm
  • Cast-iron burner with moving grates
  • Modern multi-functional controller
  • Effective burning of many kinds of biomass
  • Possibility of manual burning (emergency grate)
  • Double fire system in feeder
  • Possibility of standing the container on the left or on the right side
  • Fuel containers 0,6 and 1m3
  • Automatic ash removal system (option)

Files to download


Up to 6 years for the tightness of the exchanger and 2 years for other elements

Functions of controller

  • combustion control
  • control of the operation of the moving grid mechanism and cleaning the burner
  • service of central heating and hot water pumps
  • control of the mixing valve actuator
  • controlling the mixer pump
  • the ability to set night-time reductions of the boiler, hot water and mixing circuits
  • possibility of weather control
  • possibility of connecting the sensor
  • cooperation with the ecoSTER room panel
  • the possibility of connecting the ecoNET internet module allowing remote access to the controller
  • possibility of expanding by additional two modules controlling the work of the buffer and 4 mixing valves
  • the possibility of connecting the STB capillary stopper
  • summer / winter mode
  • legible display
  • intuitive and simple operation



For boilers and pellet furnaces control, with touch screen.

  • weather-sensitive control
  • touch panel
  • Fuel level indicator
  • Individual Fuzzy Logic
  • possibility to work with remote control modules: ecoSTER, ecoSTER TOUCH



ecoNET 300 is an Internet module acting as a service system – online handling and management

  • remote control over the boiler parameters via the Internet by the Website and mobile application ecoNET App iOS ans APK Android
  • intuitive software controlling the ecoNET module
  • registry of parameters crucial for regulator operation